<aside> 💡 We're a team of 200+ people constructing power system like transmission towers and substations all over the world. We deeply care about building meaningful connections with our clients by consistently providing exceptional service.


30+ years


6 countries


A- credit rating


what we do 🏗

As a power system EPC company, we're specialists at building transmission, distribution, and substation. We do nearly everything related to electricity like solar power and wiring as well.







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why we work ⁉️

We Work to Make a Living 🍞

As an individual, we are so little and fragile to put a dent in the universe. Like all the other earthlings, we struggle to survive on this planet first place. So we come to work.

To bring home the food every day. To have quality time with your loved ones. That's why we do our best, not to get too busy doing business, not to forget work can wait.

We Work to Make a Life 🌹

We're small. Yet, and so, we aspire to do something more than a living. To build a different future, to light the world together.

Thus we believe in the word we. The original meaning of the company - sharing the bread with one another.

In our life-long journey to bring love to the people, we hope to find our inner peace and bring our best selves to this world.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

where we head 🧭

Hanbaek Connects the World.

Since the beginning, Hanbaek has been all about connecting things and people. Even its name yearns for bridging two highest mountains in Korea: one in the north and the other in south.

We're really good at hooking up electric poles and towers but also at bonding with people; we've made numerous unforgettable connections with people in Korea, Bangladesh, and Nicaragua.

Energize the Earth, Empower the People.

We believe in human potential and its empowerment via electricity and networking. We're fully in line with UN's goal to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Our next big target is lighting the sub-Sahara Africa. For 548 million people out there who lack access to electricity (out of 789 million around the whole world). We look forward to presenting life-changing experience for them.

Organic Growth of Hanbaek


how we work 🤟

Whatever we do at work, we strive to follow the H.A.D flow: Humane (start with heart) → Aware (see what's happening) → Diligent (act on it).

This foundational principle helps us live up to our values, do the good work, and do things right.